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What Percentage of Startups Fail? Not Yours—Here’s How to Succeed!

The number of startups that succeed is alarmingly low.

What Percentage of Startups Fail?

In stark contrast to the norm, 80% of my startups have reached seven figures in annual revenue, accumulating over $200 million in total. Though this may seem extraordinary, the truth is that startup success is attainable for anyone.

Understanding Startup Success Rates

One critical question often arises: What percentage of startups fail? Observing various sectors and personal experiences, the answer is consistently disheartening. This high failure rate is not unique to startups but is common across many ambitious endeavors in life. Significant achievements require time, diligence, perseverance, and resilience—traits that are exceptionally rare but essential for success.

The Common Reasons Behind Failure

What percentage of startups fail, and why does this happen so frequently? The reasons are manifold and often reflect broader human tendencies. For example, the gym is bustling with attendees every January, but by March, attendance plummets. This drop-off isn’t because those who remain are inherently better; rather, they are simply more resilient and focused. Similarly, in the startup world, many people give up too soon due to fear of failure, impatience, or life’s unpredictable challenges.

Strategies to Overcome the Odds

If you’re pondering what percentage of startups fail, it’s crucial to focus instead on why some succeed. The key lies in developing a compelling ‘why’—a foundational reason that fuels your persistence. This motivation should be so profound that it transcends mere financial gain, which often isn’t enough to overcome the hurdles you’ll face. Those who succeed in startups are those who have identified a deep, personal drive that propels them through obstacles.


Ultimately, what percentage of startups fail? The number is high—around 90%. However, this statistic should not deter you. Instead, it should motivate you to cultivate the grit and determination necessary to be part of the 10% that thrives. Remember, it’s not just about starting strong; it’s about having the endurance to continue forcefully, driven by a clear and compelling purpose.

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